Pattaya Nightlife – 3 –

From the beach back to the hotel, with the obligatory Baht bus packed with beach goers, arriving at the hotel first take a shower, rinse off the salt of the sea and then let the day pass in review on the bed and the day, the day was ok, from the beach there were no lasting experiences, so set all expectations on the evening….

Around 8 pm I set off, already a bit hungry I finally land on the Beach Road and meet, as we say, “heaven and people“, the whole world seems to be represented here, well I think they are all looking for something edible. I’d love to go to a Thai restaurant, but I’m simply too cowardly, I’m afraid of the heat and to eat sweet and sour I don’t have to fly to Thailand, I want to wait and decide for a German restaurant, there’s no need to write more about it here, in short I didn’t get enough either, the cook was probably an emigrant who didn’t pass the exam in Germany…

Now I’m on my way, I want to experience something else or just see more and have to admit that I’m badly prepared, I don’t have a Spartacus with me, nor a travel guide, there’s surely only something of the “normal` `cultural life in it and actually I’m looking for action, the nightlife of the places where you meet as a gay, the first evening is not easy, I land sometime in a side street and see in front of a bar sitting and standing, many young, pretty Thai boys who greet me very friendly and ask me to come closer to the bar, of course I like to follow that…
What a sight, I am already overwhelmed, the bar has a tropical ambience and after short estimation I see at least 50 simply great Thai Boys, one more beautiful than the other, most look curiously over to me.

I order myself first a Jack Daniels with Cola which I drink then after it me from a very nice waiter brought, a little hastily, my neck is a little dry and supply must her, so another one…
I look around a bit and already a “lady“, probably the boss comes up to me, greets me friendly and puts a catalogue in my hand, I open and close again and then open it again and what do I see…?

All these magnificent boys as God created them, nevertheless I give back the catalogue, first I see the boys in their natural clothing.
The procedures how this is handled here are of course completely strange to me, who should have told me, is nowhere, there was no internet yet, but nevertheless the “chef“ explained me quickly how to do it, I did not understand much about it, my English was still miserable, but I already had a nice Thai boy in my eye, who didn’t let go of me anymore, of course the experienced “chef“ `who sat next to me and in the meantime of course also snored a drink from me, noticed that immediately and she gave the boy a wave and a short hand sat next to me and introduced himself friendly with his first name, probably a short name, he was called NAT….
Then came what always comes, the obligatory questions, where do you come from, how long do you stay, what are you looking for?
Of course I invite him also on a drink and am completely inspired!

-continuation follows-