Pattaya Nightlife – 4 –

Of course, the enthusiasm does not only come from having such a pretty boy at my side, no, but also from the simplicity of the process of getting to know each other….

I remember holidays, for example on IbIZA, there were also hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting people who would have pleased you, but this uptight one, everyone is the most beautiful and everyone is unapproachable, that disturbed me, I only noticed that now.

The nice Thaiboy with name NAT is absolutely friendly and gives the feeling that I am sympathetic to him, I am also quite ok after my critical self-assessment.

We talk as far as an understanding is possible about this and that, of course he got his boy drink, the “chef“next to me of course got a drink for her advice and now she constantly asks me if I want to take the boy with me and explains to me that the bar gets a so-called bar fee of 300 baht.

I thank her for her advice and tell her that I am now clear myself and she no longer need, there should have been someone to see her look, offended then she hovered from thenen and did not appreciate me any more look, what the hell ?

I ask Nat if he would like to spend the evening with me, he smiles and I pay and we go on.
After a few stops in or at other bars where we had a drink or two we decide to go to the hotel…

There I experience the first surprise, I am politely asked at the reception or I am made aware that if I take an overnight guest with me to the room an additional fee of 700 Baht is due.

I only think about it briefly, why and why, I did not book any cheap accommodation but something appropriate, no matter what, one has to clarify this before booking.

I accept and finally we are in my room, of course it’s clear that I don’t talk about this in detail, only as much as I say, this velvety soft skin almost made me lose my mind, it was a dreamlike beautiful night and also the first time I ever was with an Asian, many more will follow.

I will see how it goes on and want to spend the next days with Nat, maybe I can get to know the mentality of the Thais better!

-continuation follows-