Pattaya – Thailand – 5 – Wongamat Beach & Pattaya Beach Road

I think never before has a night gone by so fast for me, completely relaxed we get ready in the morning to have breakfast and start the day strengthened.

I decided to spend a few hours at the beach which the NAT told me he knows a beach in the northern part of Pattaya called Wongamat Strand.

It should be much more beautiful than the beach at Jomtien and the water quality would also be much better, that interests me of course the water quality is Jomtien not to be recommended.

Wongamat Beach

We set off and take one of these Baht taxis and of course the driver tries it again with an absolutely inflated price but there I do not play with the Nat has told me before what it may cost and so we quickly agree.

Arrived at Wongamat beach we walk a little bit to the beach section that Nat recommended to me, I have to say very nice, everything covered with trees that give a lot of shade, in the sea there are high but smooth rocks that you can climb around the sun or blow the wind around your nose.
We take our places and enjoy. An excellent service provides us with drinks and Nat tells me that the Thais are not really beach goers, unlike us they prefer white skin, which we as Europeans of course can’t understand, we love to come back from our holidays tanned.

Wongamat Beach 1

The Thais rather look for the shade and when they go then times into the sea they often let the T-shirt on so that as already said no sun ray comes on the skin.
The sea here is very pleasantly clean, the subsoil is sandy as it should be. Most of the tourists here are German speaking so you can enjoy the day in a quiet atmosphere.

After a few hours we set off and stroll to the main road to get a taxi to the beachroad in the middle of Pattaya.
Everything went well thanks to my company and now I’m going to take a look at the beachroad.
However I notice that the beach here is directly at the busy Beachrod and it is very loud by the many cars and mopeds, the beach lies in a bay about 3 km wide but here hundreds of small or bigger boats lie at anchor and the jet skis are loud and extremely disturbing. Besides, the water quality here is rather bad again, so I come to the conclusion that it is probably not worth lying on the beach here,
but for promenading the beach is well suited, everything is planted with palm trees and beautifully laid out.

Nat tells me that the course of the beach is also called Coconut Bar because in the evening there are a lot of ladies and gentlemen from the trade.
There are often police controls and many are invited at short notice to visit the police station “invited“, but after a payment of 100 THB you can go again…

Here are many tourists on the way of which probably also many are of the opinion that Pattaya only consists of 2 roads, namely the Beach and the Second Road, we let them believe, but the other 500 thousand people must also live somewhere…
We do some shopping in the department stores here, especially in the Royal Garden Plaza and then we first go to the hotel, the day is almost over…