Pattaya – Thailand – 6 – Nong Nooch Garden

I just sit with NAT at breakfast and think about the last evening after which we spent together in Boystown. It was a very mild evening seen from the weather, not so hot and we first sat on the terrace and watched the tourists drift, more about that later, now we want to finish breakfast and prepare ourselves for a trip to the Nong Nooch Garden.

Nat had told me about it yesterday evening and I would like to see something of Pattaya and the surrounding area so that I agreed to make this trip.

I don’t want to claim that I have a “green thumb“, but I am curious and very curious about such a tropical garden.
We organize a taxi and drive towards Sattahip for about 45 minutes until we arrive at Nong Nooch Garden. We agree that our driver will pick us up around 5 o’clock in the evening and hope that we won’t have any unpleasant surprises….

The however does not let wait long for itself, at the cashier the double entrance fee is demanded from me as it must pay a Thai, clearly that I am surprised about it naturally, if not even somewhat annoyed am I therefore again with NAT inquires, there I get the answer however then the straight foreigners more money have and therefore more have to pay.I do not have to understand!

So then, on we have different possibilities to conquer this huge park, once on foot or with a train through the park, I have already taken a plan at the box office and decide that we walk through the park.

There is really every tropical plant species here, planted on several hectares of land with tree colonies and orchid houses and much more, beautiful you can only say, so you have to see!

There are among other things also animals like elephants and tigers to see which are also included in a show for the entertainment of the tourists, is fun to look at, you see the animals are doing well and it seems they also have fun at the show, especially the elephants.
Of course the time is fast again and we take a break in the restaurant with coffee and cake and afterwards we have a little Chang beer, that’s a good mood we have the big traditional Thai show in front of us, which takes place under a huge dome, there at least 500 tourists meet.

There will be traditional dances in the form of a story, but also sword fights and artistic performances, also a fire show is there, all in all worth seeing and already more than an hour is over and we must slowly prepare for the return journey to Pattaya. I am a bit tired now, it was an exhausting afternoon because the sun has heated us up quite a bit, so let’s go and what a surprise, this time a pleasant one, our taxi is already waiting for us and then rest a bit, let’s see what the evening brings…

-continuation to follow –