Lonops Paradise Pattaya – Thailand – 9 – Excursion direction Sattahip

Last night I still thought, what am I going to do tomorrow, actually it is not supposed to be a beach day, but I want to get to know the country or at least the surroundings a bit better!
It occurred to me that someone told me something about Sattahip, a naval town about 50 kilometers away from Pattaya at the sea and which should be very beautiful.

Then we do Sattahip today, I organize with the help of my companion Nat a car with driver who should bring us today in this direction, all no problem, is affordable and around 11 o’clock in the morning we start, I am curious.
First we drive on the Sukhumvit Road, which leads through the whole of Pattaya, towards the south, but there is a lot going on at the beginning which gets better when we leave Pattaya.

There is not much special to see in the beginning, somehow everything looks the same, especially as far as the shops at the roadside are concerned, I wonder how they can all survive, many sell the same thing, no matter…

Then it gradually gets nicer and I see the sea on the right side…

That’s a great view, a white very wide sandy beach planted with trees that can also provide shade for the sun-hungry and occasionally there are sun loungers with more local beach guests who have their picnic accessories with them and enjoy themselves, mostly in the family circle…

That just invites me to make a stop here, even though there was no beach planned today, what the hell I want to enjoy.
So we make a stop and quickly a few couches are organized and I stretch out in this great atmosphere, the beach is spotless clean and the azure blue water laughs at me.

I’ve already had some negative experiences with the sun and so I cream myself first, then I go into the sea…
Just great, absolutely clear refreshing water, pure sandy ground, no rocks, no sea urchins, perfect.
So I let it go for me well, also here on the beach there are enterprising Thais who sell cool drinks and there is also something to eat.
You can recommend this to everybody, just sit in the car and let yourself be driven with an approximate destination, you can experience many wonderful surprises.

After about 3 hours here we start to explore further, I would have liked to stay a bit longer, but I’ll be back!
About 30 minutes later we reach Sattahip, a small marine or navy town, very clean and well-kept as it is everywhere in Thailand where there are soldiers, I like…

There are a lot of shops selling navy articles and clothes at cheap prices and I buy some t-shirts and trousers.

Then it goes on to the pier, here lies a huge ship at anchor, which is probably to look at for tourists. Right for tourists yes, but only for Thai, I as a foreigner am not allowed to enter the ship and so I let our driver and Nat visit the ship and take pictures for me.

I take the opportunity and talk to a nice marinesoldier who answers my questions very friendly and a very pleasant conversation and then my driver and Nat are already back.

And again you come under time pressure, too bad that the day here has only 24 hours…

So we start on the way back and on the way back we see a kind of fish farm that invites us to have a look at it, so we stopped again and went inside. There are many different basins with all kinds of different fish of every age, but then we are quickly through
and on towards Pattaya, it was once again a day that was worth it.

– To be continued