Pattaya – Thailand -10 – last night

It has happened, much too fast but still expected, the last holiday day has started and I have enjoyed it to the full in a country where people already in the morning make friendly faces, with desire to go to work and enjoy the working day. Of course there are also some dissatisfied people here, but the majority is happy, even if some are poor and have to look how they get through the day.

I have tried my best to be generous when it seemed appropriate.

Today on my last day I want to experience something and have a look at the 2 gay places that have been described to me, that is the Sunnee Plaza and the Jomtien complex in the south of the city. First I go to the Jomtien, the complex is close to the beach, the Dongtan Beach, about that I already reported, one can go, but the water is only mediocre, the beach itself is beautiful.

When you arrive at the Jomtien complex, the first thing you see again is a sea of lights of banners with all kinds of fantasy names and many boys that more or less intensively appeal to you.


The gay scene mainly takes place in a single street where there is everything, many open bars, so you can sit directly at the street, there are restaurants and massages of all kinds and a cabaret show that you can watch as a pastime, the prices are civil, you can’t complain.

There isn’t much going on this evening, but you don’t go there because of the many tourists, but because of the boys and there are many, many boys waiting for a nice guest…

I let myself be pampered with a nice conversation from a boy I have in mind, have a few drinks and enjoy this last evening, I still have to look at the Sunee Plaza before me.


Meanwhile I have come to an agreement with my companion and we are on our way to Sunnee Plaza, which is again in the center of Pattaya and we have to go there by Bahttaxi!

To be honest, you already notice on arrival that the place is no longer up to date, there are only a few open bars, most of them are closed and already very run down, some of them also decayed. Here I don’t like it at all and so I decide to spend the rest of the evening and the night with my companion in the hotel, because tomorrow morning I unfortunately have to return home.

One thing is for sure, I will come back as soon as possible, but first I have to work in Germany again, my business is waiting.

Look forward already now to the many experiences which I will not describe to you in the future after real experiences.

– To be continued –