Pattaya – Thailand – 11 – My second vacation

How slowly the time has passed, but now after finally 6 past months I have just landed again in Bangkok. Everything is running smoothly again, there is only a small queue at the immigration this time and I am quickly through, but look what happened, the stamp of the immigration is completely unclear and unreadable, this can lead to big problems when leaving, I quickly back and hold my passport to the officer, he said that would not be bad, but I do not get into it and demand a new stamp, I then get it and everything is ok!>

Let’s go to Pattaya, this time my platonic friend Jürgen is there, I told him so much about Pattaya and the possibilities regarding the nice boys, but he probably didn’t believe me too much, well it will be easy for me to convince him of the realities.
It follows the usual, but this time we have not chosen such a hotel bunker, but I have found a small private resort, I love more the personal one with fewer guests and no fussing on the sun chairs, the first impression is positive and will remain so.

In the evening Jürgen and I start for the first excursion to the city, it doesn’t matter where you live, if you want to see something you always have to drive, there are various possibilities, I already described that earlier.

Of course it goes first to the food, we eat European because at that time we still have no idea of Thai food and are subject to the misbelief that everything here is incredibly hot, we will still have to learn a lot.
After arriving in Boystown we look for the Boyz Boyz on a Boy bar with a lot of Boys, at least 50-80 Boys are present and there should be a Travestieshow at midnight.

We are greeted very friendly and want to party today and order a bottle of Jack Daniels and drink to a great evening and holiday.

Jürgen’s eyes will soon fall out of his head as they say, he has never seen so many nice great boys on one place before….
Already now he tells me that I have told him nothing wrong, he is gone and gone, I must brake him otherwise he takes all with him …
The manager of the restaurant named Toy greets us after some time, he speaks a relatively good German and has already been to Germany several times, we like to invite him to a drink and he takes a whisky soda, a preferred drink among many Thais.
We have a great conversation with him and already after a relatively short time we have made our choice, we have 2 nice boys sitting next to us and are just sounding out the preferences, the two are uncomplicated and so we still drink a few together.

We want to do without the show today because if you have such great companions next to you then you have other priorities.
Afterwards we land in a Karaoke Bar where there is also something to eat, here we order an evening menu and enjoy the evening with our friends, then it opens and we make our way to our accommodation, there is also no problem because of our company, there is also no surcharge, so everything correctly booked, because you can fall for it badly.

– To be continued –