Pattaya – Thailand – 12 – Vacation the next

The way to our hotel or rather small bungalow complex which we create quickly and with a lot of laughter and fun we arrive there.I separate from my friend Jürgen and his companion and retire with my friend to the private rooms …

The way the evening started, so the morning ends, it was all great a wonderful night and of course this is not described here, that everyone has to and should experience for himself. Can you also no matter how old or young you are it is just beautiful even if you give some presents for it. I always say if you are in Germany costs also all money, you go to a bar and you like it someone then you also give a drink or several from etc. is the same!

We met the manager Toy in the Boyz Boyz Bar and he invited us the next day with a large group of boys and ladyboys to join a tour in a discobus in northern Thailand to a village he comes from.
Well, we don’t let ourselves be persuaded for long and are there. The next morning we are in Boystown it may be so about 9 o’clock the bus is already there but the Thais take that with the time not so exactly also that we already know so we are patient and so about 11 o’clock all have arrived and we start.

All has been invited of beer and whisky in bulk even the ice to cool was not forgotten. The fun or the ride starts already sometimes humid merry only the driver remains naturally dry and is supplied with water.

You notice directly that if there is something to celebrate then the Thai is very fast on 100 percent and fully there. The Jürgen and I are the only foreigners on board the rest of all Boys and Ladyboys there you can imagine there was party pure.
Actually the journey should take about 5-6 hours on demand of course with interruptions but after 6 hours we had not even covered half the distance yet.

I had bumped my foot somewhere in the bus, which was now heavily swollen and I tried to cool it with ice, that only succeeded halfway.
Sometime we made a stop in a mountain directly at a crystal clear narrow river which was well filled and we jumped into the cool water. I haven’t had a great experience yet oh how beautiful life can be.
As the trip to the village of Toy would only last a few hours according to new statements, we drove to a restaurant after this excellent and refreshing bath in the river I could also call it a house with a cooking place…

There was a lot of cooking and a thousand smells in the air but the serving process didn’t meet my expectations. I’m certainly not petty about hygiene but all food was served on a large blanket on the floor in pots and the Thais started to use their fingers…

I couldn’t take part because my appetite had passed away. I got up and withdrew but after a short time the Toy came to me and asked me what was wrong and if I was not hungry. I said that I had a huge hunger but that I unfortunately could not eat like this because I am not used to it. He understood that immediately because he was already several times in Germany his sister is married there with a doctor and he said to me that immediately for me and Jürgen would be cooked completely fresh and we could eat in 20 minutes.
So it was we got as we were used to it under food at a table served with cutlery etc. it was delicious!

-continuation follows –