Pattaya – Thailand – My 2nd vacation – 14 –

I can already see the eyes of Jürgen, my platonic friend whom I owe a lot to and for whose friendship I am very grateful.
We are approached from right and left in Boystown, one has no great experience and so liked sentences like “sexy men “ and many others, of course good…

We first sit down at an open bar on the terrace and enjoy, there are great views that you see there, as far as the eye can see we see beautiful boys from narrow to muscular everything is represented…

We enjoy this and drink some long drinks first to encourage ourselves, because it is really overwhelming what we see here!
Then around 23 o’clock we go to the probably best known bar in Boystown, we try to find a place in the “Boys Boys“, we manage that with the help of a nice and friendly waiter.

One can hardly bear it so pleasant is the sight of the many, many boys who are in the bar, all dressed only with a slip they like to show their great bodies and the beautiful faces, one has the impression that they like to present themselves, this first impression is confirmed later and in the course of time many times!

We want to experience something, but the selection is very difficult, on the one hand because there are almost one hundred boys here who all only look at us, that’s what you mean in this situation and you’re not used to that…
But soon we have decided and ask the respective boys to come to our table, to buy us a drink is obligatory then you already get into conversation.

The boy asks me for my name and of course I for his name and then he wants to know a lot about me, where I come from and what I do and a lot more. I am still much too shy in this situation to ask sexual questions, he looks great, has bright white teeth and full lips, the body is perfect so what should I ask, I rely on my feeling and ask him if he wants to spend the rest of the evening and the night with me, he wants!

Jürgen is also clear with his friend so far and we leave the bar first and have to make the decision how to go on…
Of course the boys are hungry and who wants to have a hungry boy?
We are brought to a big karaoke bar where there is also a Thai cuisine, here we are spoiled for the first time with Thai specialties, it tastes good and gets us very good.

It’s a very funny round, the boys are a lot of fun and also sing a few songs on the karaoke microphone, which they are very good at, the Thais seem to be natural talents when it comes to singing.
Jürgen and I also try our luck on the microphone, we already have some alcohol and it’s easier to get up the courage, but I say it right away it was a failure because the “Obladi Oblada“ went completely into our pants.

Egal we had a nice evening and are now on our way to the hotel, there arrived the tiresome procedure starts at the reception, the boys have to hand in their ID card there, only then we are allowed to go to our room….
Here it becomes now absolutely private, but my feeling did not cheat me, I have the right boy at my side, it will be a really great night.
Also Jürgen had the right feeling as he told me the next morning at breakfast and is now completely convinced of my stories in Germany and believes me everything!
So we spend our complete vacation, that means 3 weeks long only beach and boys, for the first I say what do you want more…

– To be continued –