Pattaya – Thailand. How it all began…

The first holiday in Thailand I made in my tender youthful age, completely exhausted I went to a travel agency known to me and asked the boss where I could go at this time of year, it was October, he looked at me and spontaneously said to Thailand, there it is now nice warm and has especially Pattaya on my heart, there is something going on he said and you will like that.

At that time one still listened to the advice of experienced people and already the trip was booked for the following month, it is compared to trips to the Caribbean etc.. very cheap, very impatient I waited then for the departure date and of course for such a trip much too much luggage packed and planned, but it did not matter at that time, 32 kg were simply accepted without a surcharge, of that one dreams today, more than 20 kg are today on the long distance only possible free of charge in the business class.

The departure day has come, on to the taxi and then get off comfortably with the train to Frankfurt and in the airport.
Of course one was there early and had to pass the time until check-in in the bistro, a nice “blond` `tapped and the time for check-in went by very fast. Everything went smoothly and then I was already in the plane, the plane was from Thaiairways, one of the best airlines in the world regarding service and friendliness.
I had taken my place in the row of three at the window, it was a jumbo jet and then it rolled off…

The service on board was excellent then as now, the food was good and best of all the drinks, everything your heart desires, there was also a small bottle of champagne and of everything else also as much as you wanted and everything free, so free of charge, I enjoyed that, of course in adequate quantity.>

After a very pleasant flight of a little more than 11 hours we landed in Bangkok, at that time still at the old Don Muang Airport (which is still in operation today, from there all low cost planes like Air Asia etc. fly), everything else went smoothly, of course there was a huge queue at the immigration, but I also got through that and then we went to the coach of the travel company and then finally to Pattaya.

You are of course very upset after such a long journey, no matter how old you are, your feet are a bit swollen, only the expectation of the new one keeps you awake. At that time there was still no ultramodern highway like today, no to get out of Bangkok took 45 minutes and then we went on the national road…., altogether it took 3 hours until we arrived in Pattaya and then, as it is usual, we were first
once all hotel guests have gone to their hotels, that takes…

Arriving at my hotel in Pattaya I went to the reception to check in and such an unexpected friendliness was shown to me and others, which suddenly drove away the tiredness, everything cleared up and then went to the guest room and then quickly under the shower and for today “Good night“.
-Continuation follows-